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WCPPL 2010 RaceTo Season Information (and Field Layout for WCPPL Event #2!)

WCPPL RaceTo: PSP Affiliate League
The WCPPL is proud to announce it’s affiliation as the regional tournament series of the PSP representing the west coast offering the RaceTo- format that has become by far the most fun, exciting, and action filled format provided to date. With the 2010 season, the WCPPL will continue what it has become known for and that is supporting local fields by providing teams fantastic venues to play this great sport of paintball, offering tremendous prize packages, superb air bunkers, awesome turf, professional reffing, and the ability for teams to walk the fields the day before the event. In the WCPPL, the teams are competitive, the players are fearless, the games are fast paced, and everyone has fun playing this great sport that we all love. Last season sparked a resurgence in how paintball used to be with a heightened sense of camaraderie and fellowship in the midst of competition, which has not been seen in a long time and a trend the WCPPL would like to continue. Now with the conversion from 7-Man to the most popular format in conjunction with the PSP, the west coast is now offering something special for teams from across the country by offering the RaceTo- format. Registration is now open on the APPA website for the entire 2010 season, which is listed below:

Event 1 – RaceTo- Camp P on March 6th and 7th in Oceanside, CA
Event 2 – RaceTo- S.C. Village May 15th and 16th in Chino, CA (Detailed Info)
Event 3 – RaceTo- CEPP on July 17th and 18th in Sacramento, CA
Event 4 – RaceTo- Camp P on September 11th and 12th in Oceanside, CA
Event 5 – RaceTo- Cal-Jam at S.C. Village on November 12th, 13th and 14th in Chino, CA

The WCPPL RaceTo- 2010 Season will feature 5-Man
* Division 2: RaceTo-5 “Premier Division”
* Division 3: RaceTo-2 “Intermediate Division”
* Division 4: RaceTo-2 “Beginner Division”
Other formats offered by the WCPPL include
* Young Guns (3-Man) – 17 years or younger
* Pump (4-Man) – Open Division “Get Pumped”

The Field Layout for Event 2, SC Village May 15th & 16th, Chino, CA

To make paintball fun, exciting, affordable, competitive, and uniform, making it possible to play a nationwide series at a regional level on the West Coast. Thus showing the world this is where things happen!

First off Thank You to all of the people that have supported me in all of my paintball endeavors. It hasn’t been an easy road but one that I’m glad that I have chosen to travel down. I can truly say that I have done it all in paintball and feel that for me I have nothing left to prove as a player having won three Pro World Championships and as a Coach having won multiple National Championships in Semi Pro, D1, D2, and D3.

As a Promoter of the WCPPL I have and will continue to give more back to the West Coast regional teams than ANY other West Coast league has ever done. The WCPPL has made tournament paintball both fun, affordable, and competitive. I grew up playing locally in California always saying “If I had my own league, I would do it different”! And I have. What we have built is becoming sustainable and will be able to weather this current economic crisis. Thanks to all your support!

As a Promoter of a tournament and paintball field, The Aftermath Arenas at SC Village, I will try to make paintball fun. Is there competition for the tournament field crowd? Yes. This will only drive the quality of the conditions for the players up. No field is perfect and I don’t claim that mine will be either, but I will give it my 100 percent. With two “RaceTo-” and one big walk-on Airball fields, I can say it will be the place to be.

And yes, I will be helping local players reach the level of competition that they wish to achieve in Paintball.

Yes I love paintball!

Mike Hinman, President

WCPPL is an Affiliate League of the PSP.

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