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Adjustments to the PSP RaceTo Format

The PSP is taking steps to make it possible for talented players of all sizes, ages and pay grades to compete nationally.  Currently, smaller and wealthier players have an edge in the PSP.  The field layouts have not been friendly to larger players, and the teams with heavy financial backing can afford to practice the field layout every weekend.  It’s time to make sure the most talented players are the ones excelling in the PSP, not just the most fortunate.

After speaking with many current and past players of the PSP as well as our Master Sponsors, we have decided to make the following changes:

•    Lengthen the field 10 feet per side (Total size will now be 120 x 170 feet)
•    Eliminate Pit-side coaching and communication
•    Field Layouts will not be released prior to the events
•    Adjust position of bunkers to better suit a wider variety of players
•    Adjust classification system for D1 – Pro, now that the Semi-Pro division is absent

We’re taking the game in a direction that will include more players, as opposed to excluding them as has been done in the past.  We need to make sure players can still compete when they turn 30 or are not in a financial position to practice every weekend.  We feel this is the right thing to do for our customers and our business as well as the sport and industry.

The PSP is here for the long run.  These steps are in an effort to include more people in the game, while still making sure the ones with the best paintball skills win. More information on the 2011 season will be released right here at in the weeks to come.

Cover photo courtesy of Jeff Stinson

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  1. hi to whom it may concerne i am a new field ( dry bones paintball ) any info you can give us would be greatly appreciated , in helping us become a better up to date field thanks in advance

    dan scism

  2. azahari

    What about for asian European counterpart .Do u have any subsidiary for asian and European to go and play in PSP. ..just wondering

  3. Chris Wildfoerster

    To whom it may concern,
    I think Paintball Sports Promotions (PSP) is taking a leap in the right direction with these new implements and re-adjustments to the rules and regulations to your own league. To keep the game interesting, and changing things up are always great things to do when trying to attract more and more “outsiders” of the sport, into it, which is exactly what you have in mind to accomplish.
    At Overlook Paintball, in Poughkeepsie, NY, we host a variety of team practices, where teams from all over come to meet and compete in a fun but, at the same time, competitive atmosphere. 3-5 teams a weekend playing on one PSP field, where we can learn the layout before every event, and get to know what we will be up against with the competition.
    Only one concern has been brought to my attention, which is the alteration of the dimensions of the field (from 120×150 to 120×170). What is going to happen to the fields that are gridded, netted, and all to the standards of last years regulation sized fields? Field owners are going to have to pay in the long run to make these adjustments, and will in turn effect the prices we pay at the end of the day. At our field (Overlook), our field/team owner, just re-zoned, professionally gridded, and leveled the field last season to 2010 regulations. The netting posts will need to be moved further out (along with the purchase of MORE netting), ground leveled, and dead boxes removed and replaced. These are my only concerns about the new altercations of the rules and regulations for the 2011 season.
    I guess what I’m trying to say is, to the local, small field owner, this is not going to end up returning in their favor. Keep the field owners in mind for the upcoming, greatly anticipated 2011 and 2012 seasons, along with the players. These new changes will change the game plan up this season, and it will be exciting to see how the sport reacts, and for teams to be able to compete on more balanced grounds. Keep up the good work, and we all will standby and watch as the paintball community adapts to welcomed change.

    Thank You for your Interest,
    Chris Wildfoerster

  4. tristan

    I am excited to see that the PSP is not just sitting back on their success and going with the flow of things, and I am excited to see the changes coming to include more players and in turn bring more people to the tournaments, but in regards to not releasing the field lay outs prior to the events I am in complete disagreement. Raw talent is a factor in our sport, and that is a great thing to have, but rarely does that raw talent encompass the skills needed to game plan for a new field instantly. it really takes a special breed of people to see a field and game plan for that field in less than a day, or for some teams less than that. But i can see where this idea may be coming from, “If no team can practice the layout everyone starts at ground zero together.” However with the experience that some teams have had in the past they will be able to adapt faster than other team with less experience therefore creating a larger gap between the upper echelon teams and the newer teams and players. And although a team with a better financial backer than other will be able to practice more on the field setups teams can still go to the field and walk the fields and get used to what they are going to see with out actually playing it, giving them time to strategize and come up with a game plan. this does not level the playing field but unless there is a radical change to all sports there will never be and completely level playing field. look at the NFL, some teams have dominated the league for a few years and others have not been able to get more than 3 wins on the entire season. A suggestion is go in the complete opposite direction with the field layouts, and use only one for the entire year. and one question for you guys, if the field is going to be increased is the bunker count also going to increase or stay the same?
    Tristan L

  5. Rob

    I think those who are disagreeing need to understand that we need more players in this sport. WHoever made the comment that pros were going to turn into joes is certainly mistaken it takes an incredible amount of skill to play pro. Who ever said that teams were going to practice in trees and woods for laning and that there is no benefit of practicing on the air bunkers. Have you ever played competitively there is no way a team can get any practice in the woods teams will still practice previous layouts on the field. I dont see the point in lengthening the field but the bunkers being bigger now thats a great idea i just hope that they are inexpensive for fields to purchase ( like that will happen). Over all i like the changes the psp made.

  6. Nicholas

    This is a good change for the sport.

    • Lengthen the field 10 feet per side (Total size will now be 120 x 170 feet)
    • Eliminate Pit-side coaching and communication
    • Field Layouts will not be released prior to the events
    • Adjust position of bunkers to better suit a wider variety of players
    • Adjust classification system for D1 – Pro, now that the Semi-Pro division is absent


    1. So the fields are alittle wider, NPPL is 100 x 180 and PSP wants to go 120×170.

    2.No more coaching. This is great, brings the stealth back into paintball. Play the game on the field listing to your players and not the sidelines making it easier to tell someone when to shoot or move up.
    3. Release field layouts prior to the event is great, gives all the teams a even playing field if the layouts are not leaked to any teams . So now all teams have to walk the fields and come up with there game plan day before they play. If experence players are worried about this they shouldnt be playing, by now top teams should know how to walk a field. Now all teams will be in early to walk the fields.

    4.adjust bunkers for wider players. well maybe some more Cans in the back field for them. they arent going to change all the bunkers, i can see maybe adding 2 to 3 maybe.

    5.Adjust classification system for D1 – Pro, that bracket is thin right now. this season there were only what 7 to 9 teams. they shouldnt be moved up to pro move up the top 6 or 7 teams in D2 up to D1.

    6. leave the rate at 12+ ,

    To much whining from everyone about changes. Guy’s can’t you see both leagues have been hurting these pass years. Look at the turn out at world cup, all division didnt come near what it use to be in the pass, every division had alot of teams back in the day when things were great, for exmaple D4/D3 use to have 250 to 300 teams in that division alone. One thing that the leagues should be doing is give more explosure to the lower Divisions D3, this division has the most teams then all the division and are the up and coming teams. It is harder for these teams to get any type of sponsorships to keep playing, they play for the love of it with there own money. Plus these lower division are the leagues money makers.

    Well let’s now whin about the changes let’s see how the 2011 season goes. we can only try it out and if it dont work there will bemore changes. so good luck to all the teams for 2011 see you on the feild. Peace!

  7. realballer

    good they took out coaching players now days will get to there prop stick there gun up and look at the coach ..what kinda panzy crap is tht teams come to scrim our field and we dont allow coaching period and the teams that are used to it get murked ..i was praying theyd take it out now wel be able to see whos actually got skill

  8. matthew d

    I do understand the moves the psp has made to allow the sport to be enjoyed by more players but I am 6, 1″ and 205lbs and play the snake or the coner I have no problem adjusting to the bunkers I play in its part of the game learn to play the bunkers I think that adjusting the size was a wrong move if you want the best competition you would just let it be. I do like the fields layouts not being released till the event I think it allows people to relie on basic skills and not just knowing where to shoot when you get there because of practicing the layout numerous times thank you for all you do and sorry for my spelling

  9. C

    Awesome updates. I like it.
    Bringing it back to how it was before doesn’t make it a step backwards.
    It’s bringing it back to the fun days 🙂

  10. Kyle

    Now most people think this “Bigger” player means a 300 pound out of shape paintballer its not. There more o less talking about the guy that 6′ foot tall or bigger that cant fit behind a small Aztec and shoot a lane at the same time. People that are out of shape will always have a disadvantage no matter the size of the bunker and in turn not do as well.

  11. Sabeen

    I believe the first time ESPN filmed paintball there were bigger fields, no coaching, no layouts, old guys, and fat guys on every team.
    I believe the second time ESPN filmed aired paintball there were bigger fields, no coaching, no known layout, older guys and fatter guys on the teams.
    I believe the third time tournament paintball was on the air (FOX) there were bigger fields, no coaching, bigger bunkers, and older, fatter, slower guys on the teams.
    Actually, I don’t think that. I know it. I was there all three times.
    But hey, if you want to spout off ridiculous irrational opinion, apparently based on an absence of factual information, go right ahead.

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