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Dynasty Wins! PSP Galveston Island Footage and Recap

Photo Courtesy of Skip Hickey;

Video Footage, Results and a Special Thank You

For the first time in history, PSP Events kicked off the paintball tournament season in a completely new region; Galveston Island, Texas.  And what an opener it was.  The community, local businesses and paintball industry showed their overwhelming support of the event by welcoming all 126 teams, sponsors and fans with discounts, parties and media coverage.  Even Mother Nature seemed to be on PSP’s side as every day of play was under blue skies with plenty of sunshine accompanied by a refreshing breeze off the water. The buzz among the event was positive from start to finish, making Galveston Island a venue many are looking forward to returning to.

Trade Show

Held next to GI Paintball Park which is owned and operated by Stacy and Monica Young of Galveston, the PSP set up a trade show and built six fields for the 126 teams to compete on.  The Trade Show consisted of paint companies Procaps, GI Sportz and RPS as well as store fronts from Dye, Planet Eclipse, Virtue, Empire, VForce, Custom Products, KM, Trade My Gun, PbFashion, Ninja, Gangster Paintball, Seventh Element, Athletes Joined Against Spondylitis, Sup’AirBall, Guerilla Air, Valken, Critical Paintball, Understood, Derder, BLAST Techs, Empire Techs, Planet Eclipse Techs and plenty of concessions from Hawn n Dawg Express, No Gotta Team BBQ, Leon’s World Famous BBQ, GI Paintball and a Beer Garden courtesy of VooDoo Lounge (host of the PSP Galveston Island Player Party).


But this week was all about the paintball and seeing how teams adjusted to internal changes as well as off-season modifications to the league’s format, which include lengthening of the field as well as the elimination of pit-side coaching.  Prelims began Friday morning with games running for 10 hours a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  The Professional division welcomed back Boston Red Legion, Chicago Aftershock, Dynasty, Edmonton Impact, LA Infamous, Los Angeles Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage, Vicious, XFactor and newly promoted team Chattanooga CEP.  Chattanooga kicked off the PSP Pro season with a very close game against Edmonton Impact.  Impact came out the victor with a score of 5 – 4, but CEP proved immediately that they deserve to be competing in this elite division.

Video Footage

Did you miss the action or would like to watch it again?  The PSP surprised everyone by hiring Patrick Spohrer and Matty Marshall to film each professional game.  These games are being uploaded and added to as they come in.  You can get instant notification of when a new video is loaded by liking the following PSP Facebook page:

Direct Links to Videos Currently Available for Viewing:

Edmonton Impact vs. Chattanooga CEP (Prelim Game)

Boston Red Legion vs. Dynasty (Prelim Game)

Dynasty vs. Chattanooga CEP (Prelim Game)

Edmonton Impact vs. Los Angeles Ironmen (Prelim Game)

The Champions

1st Dynasty
2nd Boston Red Legion
3rd LA Infamous
4th Tampa Bay Damage

Division 1 RaceTo-5
1st Total Karnage Orlando
2nd upTon 187 cRew
3rd T1 Topgun Union
4th HuSTLe

Division 2 RaceTo-5
1st Grad
2nd Static
3rd D.C. Monstars
4th Distortion

Division 3 RaceTo-4
1st Revo
2nd LA Heat
3rd PR1ME
4th Detroit Action

Division 4 RaceTo-4
1st Richmond United
2nd Central Florida Paintball
3rd Momentum
4th Outbreak TX

Division 3 RaceTo-2
2nd Richmond Rage
3rd  FATE
4th CO Ascent 2

Division 4 RaceTo-2
1st Avid Extreme Sports Militia
2nd LSD II
3rd Brutality Red
4th Valley Paintball

Full results can be found here:

Thanks for the Love

On behalf of the PSP, we would like to thank each player, friend, family member, business, and the entire Texas Paintball community for making this event such a great success and one we look forward to hosting again.  We would like to especially thank GI Paintball Park owners Stacy and Monica Young and together dedicate this event to a very dear man, Stacy’s father, Lyndon Young.  “Tempus fugit amor manet”.

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