Game Video Footage from Galveston


Did you miss the PSP Galveston Island action or would like to watch it again?  The PSP surprised everyone by hiring Patrick Spohrer and Matty Marshall to film each professional game.  These games are being uploaded and added to the PSP Website as they come in.  You can get instant notification of when a new video is loaded by liking the following PSP Facebook page: or subscribing to the PSP Youtube Channel:

DYNASTY vs. Boston Red Legion – FINALS

DYNASTY vs. LA Infamous

Tampa Bay Damage vs. Boston Red Legion

Tampa Bay Damage vs. LA Infamous

Chicago Aftershock vs. X-Factor

Tampa Bay Damage vs. VICIOUS

Los Angeles Infamous vs. Chicago Aftershock

Boston Red Legion vs. Edmonton Impact

DYNASTY vs. Los Angeles Ironmen

Boston Red Legion vs. Chattanooga CEP

Edmonton Impact vs. DYNASTY

X-Factor vs. VICIOUS

Tampa Bay Damage vs. Chicago Aftershock

LA Infamous vs. X-Factor

VICIOUS vs. Aftershock

Tampa Bay Damage vs. X-Factor

Los Angeles Infamous vs. Vicious

Chatanooga CEP vs. Los Angeles Ironmen

Boston Red Legion vs. DYNASTY

Edmonton Impact vs. Los Angeles Ironmen

DYNASTY vs. Chattanooga CEP


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