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June 23 – 26, 2011 PSP Chicago Open
CPX Sports Park – 2903 Schweitzer Rd. Joliet, IL 60436

On-demand PSP shirts now available only at PSP Events – and for just $15 each – from the only vendor who provides the Official PSP Event Shirt with Team List on the Back… Virtue!

For those of you who are tired of filling up your closet with a bunch of black paintball shirts, Virtue, the PSP’s official licensed apparel retailer is now introducing on-demand PSP shirts at all PSP events.  Simply pick your favorite logo and combine it with your favorite shirt!

Scroll down to view not only the custom options but the Official PSP Chicago Event Shirt and Custom PSP Jerseys!  Official PSP Chicago Event Shirts are $20 and the PSP Jerseys are $80 – for sale only at the Virtue tent in this week’s Chicago Trade Show!

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