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2011 PSP Season Champions!

Photo by Jeff Stinson

To make it to the finals in one PSP event is something a team will never forget.  The respect earned from such placement can be enough to build a new team’s entire program around or to resurrect a once struggling team’s reputation.  The validity that a PSP win brings to a team’s bio when pitching sponsors and picking up new players is unparalleled.  So imagine what it must be like to do this not just once, but often, and all in just one season.  To be able perform so well, so consistently, puts a team into the legendary category.

The PSP would like you to join us in congratulating the following teams for their exceptional performances all season long.  Due to their top placement in multiple events, each of the following teams has earned the title of “Season Champions” for their division.

2011 PSP Professional Season Champions

San Diego Dynasty

Honorable Mention: Russia Boston Red Legion

2011 PSP Division 1 Season Champions

upTon 187 cRew

Honorable Mention: T1 Topgun Union

2011 PSP Division 2 RaceTo-5 Season Champions

Grad Moscow

Honorable Mention: Distortion

2011 PSP Division 3 RaceTo-4 Season Champions


Honorable Mention: NCPA All-Stars

2011 PSP Division 4 RaceTo-4 Season Champions

Central Florida Paintball

Honorable Mention: North Texas Shockwave

2011 PSP Open RaceTo-2 Season Champions

Total Greif

Honorable Mention: Dallas Notorious

2011 PSP Division 3 RaceTo-2 Season Champions


Honorable Mention: Richmond Rage

2011 PSP Division 4 RaceTo-2 Season Champions

Galveston Island Paintball

Honorable Mention: Edge Army II

2011 PSP Division 5 RaceTo-2 Season Champions

Sick n Twisted

Honorable Mention: CPz!

Please note an error issued in our World Cup recap of event winners.  “406s Finest” out of Montana won the Division 4 RaceTo-2 World Cup Title instead of placing 2nd as announced earlier.  Congrats to James Greer, Kelly Liggett, Kris Liggett, Jacob Timmons and Seth Vannoy on their win!

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