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Congratulations Tampa Bay Damage!

Now THIS is why it’s called the World Cup!

2011 PSP World Cup Soars with 2,963 Participants forming 278 Teams from 18 Countries and the Largest Trade Show in Paintball!

The 1,900-seated sold-out grandstands have been packed with enthusiastic fans from every corner of the nation and beyond.  Hearing the crowd’s loud roar from across the venue ensures everyone is aware that a great move just took place on the Pro field.  That doesn’t account for the many thousands of fans who sat at home watching the live webcast through and hosted by Matty Marshall.  A roll call on listed nations tuning in from all across the globe… no matter what time of day (or night) it was for them!   If you missed any of the action or would like to watch it again, just become a subscriber to the PSP YouTube account (  You will receive email updates each time a new video is added – and each game that was captured by the webcast this weekend will be added to the site over the next several days.

“Incredible Event!” with smiling faces is the most common reactions we are getting from the thousands of vendors, players, parents, fans and staff here at the 2011 PSP World Cup. The weather has been outstanding with clear, sunny skies and a gentle breeze locking us in with temperatures in the 70s all weekend long. Paint from G.I. Sportz, Procaps and RPS has been shooting great and the flat, grass surface has left players with the perfect setting for playing against the toughest competitors in the world.

The 278 teams from 18 countries that competed in this event had 10 fields to play their games on this week at Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida. With 12 divisions for teams to choose from, there were many champions crowned.  The largest title won of course was the Professional World Cup Championship… and after a very close battle back and forth between Tampa Bay Damage and Russia Boston Red Legion, the local boys Tampa Bay Damage took down the defending Champions for 1st Place!

Professional Champions: Tampa Bay Damage

Division 1 RaceTo-5 Champions: upTon 187 cRew

Division 2 RaceTo-5 Champions: Distortion

Division 3 RaceTo-4 Champions: Revo

Division 4 RaceTo-4 Champions: Revo II

Division 2/3 RaceTo-2 Champions: PR Crew

Division 3 RaceTo-2 Champions: L A S T C A L L

Division 4 RaceTo-2 Champions: 406s Finest

Division 5 RaceTo-2 Champions: Sick n Twisted

Masters Champions: Fluffy Bunnies

CXBL Champions: Windsor Lockdown

College Division: University of Florida


1st Tampa Bay Damage

2nd Russia Boston Red Legion

3rd Dynasty

4th Vicious

Division 1

1st Upton 187 cRew

2nd T1 Topgun Union

3rd VCK

4th New Jersey Jesters

Division 2 RaceTo-5

1st Distortion

2nd Boom

3rd Grad Moscow

4th Static

Division 3 RaceTo-4

1st Revo

2nd PR1ME

3rd Atlanta Breakout

4th Royalty

Division 4 RaceTo-4

1st Revo II

2nd Central Florida Paintball

3rd Imperial

4th PG Rise

Division 2/3 RaceTo-2

1st PR Crew

2nd CCS Fusion

3rd New Jersey Jesters Silver

4th Infusion

Division 3 RaceTo-2

1st Lastcall

2nd Plan B

3rd Gainesville Gridiron

4th Seek and Destroy

Division 4 RaceTo-2

1st 406s Finest

2nd TKO Blackout


4th DBS Supersonics

Division 5 RaceTo-2

1st Sick n Twisted

2nd CPz!

3rd Average Joes Blues

4th Edge Army II


1st Fluffy Bunnies

2nd Capital Edge Hitters

To view a list of all finalist teams, locations, times and scores click here:

Series Champions from each division will be announced this week!

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  1. Very cool. Glad it was such a good turn-out. Great to see the sport doing well. Gratz to TB Damage also. Great games! Although I was going for the legion… Still, both teams played hard and Damage rose above. Great world cup! And thanks PSP Events for webcasting this. Let’s see it again next year!

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