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Pro Field Grandstand Tickets For Sale!

Photo by Gary Baum

Entrance to the 2011 PSP World Cup at Fantasy of Flight is free and open to the public from October 20 – 23, 2011.  If you would like to watch any games on the Pro Field however, you will need tickets.  Order them online today and simply bring your confirmation to the event for a smooth and easy process.  Click here to purchase your tickets today. Tickets will also be for sale at the event while seats are available.  Pricing for adults is $15 per day or $40 for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. For Children ages 4 – 10 years, tickets are $7 per day or $15 for all Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Children 3 and under are free!

Schedule of Pro Games:

Venue Information:

Fantasy of Flight
1400 Broadway Blvd. SE
Polk City, FL 33868

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  1. robb

    if im playing cup and i want to watch the pros on my free time, do i still need to buy tickets?? or aslong as i have my id with me im ok?

  2. rachel

    Are tickets required for Thursday? what time do the doors/gates open for this event. What is a phone number to call to ask additional questions I have. Coming from out of town. Thanks!

    1. There are no tickets required for Thursday as tickets are only for the Pro Grandstands and there are no Pro Games on Thursday. There are 8 fields running divisional games on Thursday however and the Trade Show is open. Again, there are no fees or tickets for those portions of the event. All parking is general parking with no fee or passes required. The event address is: “Fantasy of Flight” located at 1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E. Polk City, FL. 33868. While games usually run from 8 am – 6 pm, the actual schedule of games will be posted on’s homepage next week. Have a great time!

  3. ranbo

    hello Rachel
    bought tix for sunday only, thx for all your help, my son and I are really looking forward to coming up.
    Hollywood, FL

  4. Johnathen

    I had heard you can get some free stuff there is that true?
    What company’s will be there?
    What is the environment like at a psp tournament
    Thank you

  5. Teresa Jones

    I purchased grandstand tickets awhile back for 6 people (for all 3 days) and I don’t believe I received a confirmation, except for only an email telling me to pick them up with ID at grandstand ticket office. Is that correct?

    1. Yes that email is your confirmation. We will have a ticket sales booth set up in front of the Grandstands starting Friday morning to answer any questions you may have as well as provide you with your ticket(s). Thank you!

      1. Teresa Jones

        Well I hope I can find that email. I may have a problem then. My computer crashed and I have switched to outlook express instead of outlook but I will check. I can provide picture ID and the credit card that I used to purchase the tickets!! Thanks, Teresa Otherwise I will have some very unhappy 14 year old boys lol !! I will check though

        1. Teresa Jones

          No worries. My husband found the credit card date which helped me locate the email (s) needed…. We are good! Thanks for your quick response though. See you there!! Teresa

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