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Which PSP Affiliate League Will You Play In?

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The PSP has partnered with several leagues across the United States, Mexico and South Africa to create a structured affiliate system for teams to compete in at a regional level.  The Affiliate Leagues use the PSP’s RaceTo format, rules and the APPA Classification System.  Are you looking to become a PSP Affiliated League?  Are you unsure which Affiliate League is in your area?  Email and we would be happy to give you more information!

AES (Oklahoma/Missouri/North Texas)

AXBL-Lite (Pennsylvania and Texas)

Central Florida Paintball Series (Florida)

Mexican Paintball League (Mexico)

Mid-South XBall League (Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky)

New England XBall League (New England)

Ohio Valley Paintball Players League (West Pennsylvania, Ohio)

South African Regional Paintball League (South Africa)

Vicious Paintball Series (Nebraska/Minnesota/Illinois/Missouri)

West Coast Paintball Players League (California)


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