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Special Announcement Regarding the PSP Phoenix Open Field Layout

Special Announcement Regarding the PSP Phoenix Open Field Layout


The PSP took the following into consideration when deciding on the field layout for the upcoming April 19 – 22, 2012 PSP Phoenix Open:


1) Prior to the Galveston Island event, we received very positive reviews of the field layout and were excited to see how the teams would play it.  With the severe weather being what it was in Galveston, we do not feel it was possible for the layout to be played as it could have been.


2) We are also aware of the short time frame between PSP’s Galveston Island and Phoenix Open events and what a financial struggle that can be for teams trying to keep up with practices in between.


3) The Pro teams were unable to complete all of their Galveston Island games due to the severe weather, and will be finishing those games on Thursday April 19th, 2012 at the PSP Phoenix Open.  Logistically it would be very challenging for those teams to practice two different layouts for this event.


Taking all of these points into consideration, the PSP has decided to use the same field layout in the PSP Phoenix Open as was used at the PSP Galveston Island event.  After the Phoenix Open, the PSP will use a unique field layout for each remaining 2012 event (Chicago Open, New Jersey Open and the World Cup).


Here are three views of the 2012 PSP Phoenix Open Field Layout

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  1. hollywood

    i think that the pros should finish the texas open on that layout then play a seperate phoenix layout for the phoenix event. If they are real PROs then they can handle playing 2 layouts, theyre good and they know it.. so why not just give them a true test of skill and ability. Plus its not fair for everyone that pays to play the phoenix tournament to have to play on the galveston layout…

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