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2012 PSP Rankings to Include All PSP Affiliate Leagues!

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The PSP has partnered with several leagues across the United States, Mexico, South Africa and South America to create a structured affiliate system for teams to compete in at the regional and national levels. Each Affiliate League uses the PSP’s RaceTo format, rules and the APPA Classification System.  The PSP is now taking the next step in league unification by allowing teams to include their Affiliate League results in the overall 2012 PSP Rankings.  For Professional and Division 1 PSP teams, all five of the 2012 PSP events count the same as in previous seasons. For PSP’s other divisions listed below, rankings will now include scores from all PSP and PSP Affiliate Series events.


D2 RT5

D3 RT4

D4 RT4

D3 RT2

D4 RT2

D5 RT2


Teams can earn points towards their PSP Team Ranking as follows:


PSP World Cup Score x3 = up to 300 points
Affiliate League Championship* Score x2 = up to 200 points
Affiliate League Regular Score = up to 100 points
Affiliate League Regular Score = up to 100 points
Affiliate League Regular Score = up to 100 points

Teams may compete in as many events as they like and count their best scores.

  • *One Championship event per PSP Affiliate League per season
  • PSP events may count as either a Championship Score or Two Regular Scores.
  • World Rankings can be viewed here:



Are you looking to become an affiliated league? Are you unsure which Affiliate League is in your area? Email and we would be happy to give you more information!

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