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Dye CG Paint – Huge Discounts for All PSP Teams!

It’s Official! For the first time, DYE is a Paint Master Sponsor of the PSP!  This means all PSP teams will be able to shoot DYE’s Competition Grade (CG) Paintballs at each PSP Event this season, just like DYE’s flagship teams the Los Angeles Ironmen, Tampa Bay Damage, and Toulouse TonTons.


Not a Pro Team?  Have no fear – DYE is offering discounts to all PSP teams that pre-register by contacting  This promotion is offered to all teams who submit their Team Name, Division and approximate paint needs.  DYE’s Podium Program is available to all teams as well, but in order to take advantage teams must pre-register!


DYE CG was introduced to the competitive paintball scene last year in the 2012 Millennium Series.  The resulting praise for it’s elevated level of performance created an overwhelming demand for the product; the high demand was at such a level DYE felt compelled to enter the US market by supporting the most competitive league in professional paintball, the PSP.

CG’s Dyetanium dark navy shell provides optimal shape and roundness with unmatched consistency from ball to ball. The DYE CG fill contains a proprietary high-visibility mixture, providing definitive marking ability. DYE’s custom engineered shell creates a perfect balance of allowing the user to see the paint in flight, but not easily reveal your position to opponents. CG’s vibrant yellow fill has an unmistakable marking ability, which is of utmost importance during competition.

Meticulously engineered and quality controlled to exact tolerances, the new DYE CG Paintballs define professional level accuracy.

 Be sure to stop by the Dye Truck at the upcoming PSP Dallas Open March 14 – 17.




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