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HK Army: New PSP Master Sponsor!

The PSP loves growth within our sport.  Whether it’s watching a team starting out in RaceTo-2 work their way up to the top, or in this case, when a group of passionate paintball players take their own start-up brand and turn it into a massive success.  The PSP is very pleased that HK Army have signed on to be Master Sponsors of the PSP for the 2013 season!


Here is what HK has to say about supporting the PSP at the Master level:


“We are proud to kick off the 2013 season by teaming up with the world’s most dominant professional paintball league-the PSP.  HK Army is excited to come on board as a Master Sponsor of the league for 2013; becoming the highest level sponsor for a league we all grew up playing in has been a dream.  We are all confident that 2013 will be a landmark year for all of us-HK, the PSP, and paintball as a sport.


The group here at HK Army has put in a lot of work for the past few years to get where we are and we are even more motivated for the future.  Throughout the 2013 season, we will be releasing a series of groundbreaking products that will debut at each of the events; be sure to check us out in person at the events or  follow us on any of our social media accounts  – Instagram: @HKARMY, – to see what we’re up to and to get THE FULL EXPERIENCE.


We’d like to thank PSP for this opportunity, and more importantly, our fans for supporting us to where we are today-2013 is going to be insane.”

 Be sure to stop by the HK compound at the upcoming PSP Dallas Open March 15 – 17!

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