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Dynasty Wins Dallas!

Gorgeous weather and wide open spaces provided the perfect setting for what thousands are calling the best event in recent PSP history… the 2013 PSP Dallas Open at Cousins Paintball Dallas.  Over 160 teams from all over the country and abroad travelled to Dallas for the 2013 PSP Season Opener.  8 fields were set up for several formats including RaceTo, 10-man and pump.  Players of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels mingled together in the festival-like setting of the venue.  The Trade Show stayed packed every day thanks to massive set-ups and fantastic showcasing from Dye, Empire, G.I.Sportz, HK Army, LUXE, Eclipse, Virtue, RAZA, Athletes Joined Against Spondylitis, Costco, Forney Wellness Center, BLAST, Gangster Paintball, MacDev, Ninja, Trade My Gun, and of course Cousins Paintball.  Players fought with all their heart to make it to Sunday and finally for some, the podium.  Below is a complete list of the top 3 finishers in each division.  Congratulations to every player who competed in this massive event!  Just remember – the season is only beginning, and we all look forward to seeing who will end up on top after the 2013 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open at OXCC Paintball May 3 – 5, 2013.



1st San Diego Dynasty

2nd Tampa Bay Damage

3rd L.A. Infamous


Division 1

1st Sacramento DMG

2nd Boom

3rd Wolfpack


Division 2


2nd Prime

3rd VCK 2


Division 3 RaceTo4

1st Syndicate

2nd Dallas Jets

3rd DSS


Division 4 RaceTo-4

1st CFP Static

2nd Houston Zone

3rd Tampa Bay Notorious


Division 3 RaceTo-2

1st 406’s Finest

2nd Dallas Ducks

3rd SA Free Ballers


Division 4 RaceTo-2

1st North TX Shockwave Black

2nd Royal Flush

3rd Asylum 408



1st Rockin Cocks

2nd Asylum True Ballers

3rd Protagonist




2nd Tour de Force



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