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San Diego Dynasty Wins the PSP MAO!


San Diego Dynasty make it two in a row by winning the 2013 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open Professional Championship!  They once again faced off against Tampa Bay Damage to secure their 2nd PSP Championship of the season.  Congratulations to Omaha Vicious and upTon 187 cRew on advancing from the Pro Challengers Division to the Pro Champions Division! These teams will join the Champions Division at the PSP Chicago Open in CPX Sports Park June 21 – 23, 2013.




Here are all the podium finishers:




Pro Champions


1st San Diego Dynasty


2nd Tampa Bay Damage


3rd Edmonton Impact


4th Los Angeles Ironmen




Pro Challengers


1st Omaha Vicious – Moving to Pro Champions!


2nd upTon 187 cRew – Moving to Pro Champions!


3rd Texas Storm


4th Seattle Thunder




Division 1


1st VcK


2nd Florida King$


3rd Wolfpack


4th San Diego Aftermath




Division 2


1st DC Devastation


2nd Hustle


3rd Revo II


4th Leverage




D3 RaceTo-4


1st CFP Wreckage Krew


2nd Southern Maryland Mayhem


3rd P.C. Katana


4th Revo III




D4 RaceTo-4


1st Houston Zone


2nd SKU Allstars


3rd CFP Static


4th AC417




D3 RaceTo-2


1st  DC Dev II


2nd Fraction


3rd 406s Finest


4th Windham Table 13




D4 RaceTo-2


1st OTP United


2nd Storm Riders


3rd Xcavators_2


4th CPB Clap City All Stars






1st Asylum TrueBallers


2nd Onslaught


3rd Rockin Cocks

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