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Congrats to Houston Heat: 2013 PSP Chicago Open Professional Champions!

Record Breaking Attendance, Incredible Trade Show, Fantastic Venue, Energetic Vibe and the World’s Toughest Competition made the 2013 PSP Chicago Open at CPX Sports Park an outstanding event!

Thank you to all of the teams, sponsors, fans, referees, staff and CPX Sports for a fantastic event.  Congratulations to all of the 2013 PSP Chicago Open podium finishers:


Pro Champions: Houston Heat
1st Houston Heat
2nd San Diego Dynasty
3rd Edmonton Impact
4th Omaha Vicious


Pro Challengers Champs: Moscow Red Legion

1st Moscow Red Legion
2nd Trenton TopGun Union
3rd Chattanooga CEP
4th San Jose Royalty


Division 1 Champs: Revo

1st Revo
2nd VcK
3rd Grad Moscow
4th Boom


Division 2 Champs: VcK 2


1st VcK 2
2nd HuSTLe
3rd Carolina Collision
4th DC Devastation


D3 RaceTo-4 Champs: ac DALLAS

1st ac DALLAS
3rd White Tee Gang
4th Carolina Breakout



D4 RaceTo-4 Champs: AAF2


1st AAF2
2nd Project Mayhem
3rd Detroit Action
4th CFP Static


D3 RaceTo-2 Champs: Mac Daddy All-Stars


1st Mac Daddy All-Stars
2nd 406s Finest
3rd Ohio Havoc
4th CPB Clap City All Stars


D4 RaceTo-2 Champs: Vintage

1st Vintage
2nd O’Hare Nightmare
3rd Royal Flush
4th Wichita Threat Red


Congrats to Total Greif on Winning the Pump Division!

1st Total Greif
2nd Asylum TrueBallers
3rd Short Bus
4th ATB Unleashed


Thank you to all of the teams, sponsors, fans, referees, staff and CPX Sports Paintball for a fantastic event.  There really is just one place to compete against the best in the world, soak in all the sport has to offer, shop the largest manufacturers and watch the highest caliber of paintball action live from the grandstands.  We’ll see you at our next event in Riverside, California for the West Coast Open August 16 – 18, 2013!


Next Event:

PSP West Coast Open

Ab Brown Sports Complex

3700 Placentia Ave., Riverside, California

Trade Show Days: August 15, 16, 17, and 18, 2013

Game Days: August 16, 17 and 18, 2013

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