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San Antonio X-Factor – World Cup Champs!

If you’re going to make it to the finals in one event, there is nothing greater than playing in front of sold out grandstands packed with thousands of fans from around the world and fighting for the highest regarded title in Paintball during the largest event in over a decade – The 2013 PSP World Cup.

This is exactly where San Antonio X-Factor found their team after defeating Houston Heat in an upset for the World Cup Semi Finals.  On the flip side, Edmonton Impact have made it to Sunday in each 2013 PSP event, but still had not yet secured a Championship.  Their win over the Los Angeles Ironmen in the Semi Finals brought them face-to-face with San Antonio X-Factor to see who would be crowned the new World Cup Champions.

After a heated battle which ended with less than a minute on the clock, San Antonio X-Factor stormed the field and declared ownership of the World Cup by defeating Edmonton Impact with a final score of 7 – 5!  This is San Antonio X-Factor’s first Professional World Cup Championship.  Team owner Alex Martinez reflected on his first World Cup after his win.  His son, then 13 years old, begged his dad to let them travel to Florida from Texas and compete in the World Cup.  10 years later, X-Factor gets to bring the Cup home to Texas.

Congratulations to San Antonio X-Factor, Omaha Vicious, TradeMyGun Outlaws, DC Devastation, Project Mayhem, Houston Zone, Annihilators, Short Bus, Tj Allstarzz, 406s Finest, Ultra and Pr1me Minionz on winning the World Cup in their division.


Final World Cup Results – Top 4



1st San Antonio X-Factor
2nd Edmonton Impact
3rd Houston Heat
4th Los Angeles Ironmen


Professional Challengers


1st Omaha Vicious
2nd Texas Storm
3rd Sacramento XSV
4th Trenton TopGun Union


Division 1


1st TradeMyGun Outlaws
2nd Red Storm
3rd Chicago Infamous
4th New England Avalanche 


Division 2


1st DC Devastation
2nd Hustle
3rd VcK 2


Division 3


1st Project Mayhem
2nd Adrenaline Army
3rd Syndicate
4th NJ Jesters


 Division 4


1st Houston Zone
2nd Detroit Action
3rd New World Order
4th Abilene Addiction


10-Man Open


1st Annihilators
2nd Hulk Kiev
3rd Tour de Force
4th Desperados




1st Short Bus
2nd Asylum TrueBallers
3rd Total Greif
4th New Pump Invasion 


Division 2/3 RaceTo-2


1st Tj Allstarzz
2nd Papa Squat
3rd Versace Versace Versace
4th Rockstar Factory Canada


Division 3 RaceTo-2


1st 406s Finest
2nd Mac Daddy All-Stars
3rd Aruba Madness
4th Armagedon GUA


Division 4 RaceTo-2


1st Ultra
2nd Royal Flush
3rd Asylum 502


Division 5 RaceTo-2


1st Pr1me Minionz
2nd Route 7
3rd Katana Guntai
4th Royal Flush


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