PSP Events

Referee Training Program

To bring the best experience to the players, the PSP wants to rejuvenate the Referee Training Program. With Paul Richards and Marcus Shepherd now on board, we will be offering several clinics starting mid of January, in the regions where our events will be held, plus additional clinics around the country.
The current PSP referees will sign up for a clinic free of charge to get up to speed with the new rules and the opportunity to advance in their certification and get to the next level, while new referees will pay a fee that is refundable at their first PSP assignment.

PSP certification is highly praised not only by local and national leagues but also around the World. International PSP Affiliates will be looking for upper level PSP certified referees that could travel overseas to ref some of these events. Who wouldn’t want to go to Malaysia, Colombia or even Europe?

From Paul Richards: “At events I will be working with Leon overseeing the pro fields while Marcus and his new assistant will supervise the divisional fields. We will also be responsible for certification clinics, their structure and content, rules revision and implementation and the design and implementation of a comprehensive system that will simplify and systematize the referees’ organization and ultimately create a replicable system that will maintain the league’s standards into the future.”

PSP is looking forward to bringing you the best referees to officiate the most popular format again this season.

PSP will also invest in training and retaining quality score keepers. So if you want to be part of the premier paintball league but don’t want to get shot at, come and join us.