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Rumors about ROF and coaching

Regarding the recent rumor that the PSP will be changing the rate-of-fire (ROF) to 10 bps for all divisions of play.

 That rumor is incorrect. The league is changing the ROF for the Pro Division and the new ROF for the Pros only will be 10.2 bps. The existing ROF of 12.5 bps will remain in effect for Race To 4/5 & Race To 2. After careful consideration this change is being made to tip the risk/reward balance in favor of bigger moves and more aggressive play.

In addition to the reduced ROF the PSP will also introduce a Pro fields only plan to help minimize the effects on the game of bleacher side coaching. More comprehensive information about the upcoming season will be available soon and complete details on these changes will be included in the 2014 edition of the rulebook which should be available in early January.

The PSP is re-vamping the ref programs around a new standardized certification process with the goal of delivering a consistent high level of officiating excellence across all the divisions.

There are event dates and proposed locations for the entire year in hand. The details of which will be forthcoming soon.

In order to consolidate recent growth and in order to reach future goals the league has made some key personnel additions for 2014. Look for the new personnel press releases beginning next week.