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2014 PSP Rulebook

The 2014 Rulebook is available for downloading here!

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The following list covers the majority of the changes or additions for 2014. In reviewing the complete rulebook you will discover some additional changes or altered language the majority of which has brought the rulebook into alignment with practices and procedures already in use on the field during events. Feel free to post up any questions related to these changes or any other rulebook-related questions and we’ll do our best to answer them all in a timely fashion.

(Applies to RaceTo-7 only) In the eliminated player [28] refers to the formerly ‘active player’ pulled as the result of a penalty who is sent to the box to serve the penalty time.
Recent practice was to put the player committing the penalty in the box. This changes to putting the player pulled as result of penalty into the box.

(Applies to RaceTo-7 only) In the Breakout Exception is applied to exiting the penalty box.
With the changes to the “penalty box” this addition simply provides rules for the altered circumstances.

In 5.1. The second layer is a short sleeved T-shirt or similar
The only change here is the removal of a long-sleeved T-shirt option. Otherwise the rule is unchanged from 2013.

In 5.1.14. A general uniform standard is given for tucking in player jersey. The purpose is to avoid different individual field standards impacting play of the game.

In 5.7.9. Velocity adjusting tool(s) are allowed on the field and/or in a player’s possession.
In order to simplify and speed up the on-field chrono’ing process to tools will be allowed on field however there is also a penalty for even the display of such a tool during the play of the game by a live (‘active’) player.

New Section 5.6. ennumerates ROF including the new limit of 10.2 bps applied to the Pro division.
Nothing new except for the ROF change for the pro division.

In 6.3.2. Players must be chrono’ed prior to point start. Failure to be chrono’ed will result in immediate elimination upon point start.
The referee closest to each pit entrance to the field will chrono the players leaving that pit.

(Applies to RaceTo-7 only) Details of Section 7.2 and 7.3. related to Pro ranking and promotion & relegation are subject to change before the end of the 2014 season.
As written the rules are considered a proposal for the 2015 season where they don’t comport with current practices. Some features may take effect toward the end of this season as would be necessary to implement all the changes for 2015.

(Applies to RaceTo-7 only) New rules govern pro rosters in Section 8.3.
The new rules essentially lock pro rosters just prior to the final training push for each event until that event is over.

(Applies to RaceTo-7 only) In defines a pro roster at season’s end as the top 2 D1 teams and the top 18 teams in the pro division.
The definition is included to help players and teams understand the classification implications of promotion & relegation.

The no talking rule for eliminated players is being replaced in 9.1.1. & with an interference rule that provides a minor penalty for distracting or impeding a referee during the play of the game. Players are still limited to saying “hit” or “out” in response to being eliminated.
Due to the fact the ‘no talking’ rule was enforced inconsistently it is being replaced with this interference rule. The new rule provides more official flexibility in dealing with players across all divisions of competition but it is not a free pass to keep talking with, arguing with or debating a call or situation with a referee.