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2014 MAO Recap

Dynast… Y! (couldn’t resist)

San Diego Dynasty triumph over Edmonton Impact in an incredibly close match to become the 2014 PSP Mid-Atlantic Professional Champions! This is Dynasty’s first PSP win since last year’s Mid-Atlantic Open event. Edmonton Impact placed in the top 4 at each and every event last season. After adjusting to off-season roster changes, this event proves that they will continue to be a major threat for that 1st place title. Chicago Aftershock impressively finished in 3rd place with their best PSP performance since 2010 and Tampa Bay Damage improved from their previous event where they fought off relegation in Dallas by coming in 4th overall at the MAO.

Houston Heat and Moscow Red Legion each earned their spot back into the Champions Division after battling it out in the Challengers Division all weekend long. Proving no one is safe in this extremely talented Professional Division, 2014 PSP Dallas Champions Los Angeles Infamous and the international star-studded roster of Moscow’s Art Chaos were both relegated down to the Pro Challengers Division and will have to work their way back into the Champions Division at the 2014 PSP Chicago Open.

Perhaps the greatest storyline of the event comes from Division 1’s DC Devastation. They won Division 3 at the 2012 MAO, won Division 2 the following year and stepped up to win Division 1 this year!

In other divisional results, Rack City Klutch beat out Stratton Oakmont Bears to win the Division 2 title and Chicago Warped were able to beat Absolute Chaos to win Division 3. PR1ME 2 won Division 4 after defeating SA Notorious while Asylum TrueBallers were crowned Pump Champions after winning against Lockout. In the RaceTo-2 Format, Jersey Storm beat Rhythm for the D3 title and Chicago Aggressive Black took out SLK to become Division 4 RaceTo-2 Champions.

All of this action happened at the Outdoor Xtreme Chesapeake City (OXCC) Paintball Park in Maryland and everything from the Champions field was broadcasted live to thousands around the world through the webcast. The PSP would like to thank all players, fans, sponsors, staff and OXCC for bringing the tournament paintball world together once again at the 2nd stop of PSP’s 2014 circuit.

Next up is the massive PSP Chicago Open held at CPX Sports Park in Joliet, Illinois June 19 – 22, 2014. This event will sell out rapidly for teams as well as grandstand/VIP tickets – so be sure to claim your spot as soon as registration opens! Stay tuned to and for registration updates!

Congratulations to all podium finishers at the 2014 PSP Mid-Atlantic Open:

Professional Champions
1) San Diego Dynasty
2) Edmonton Impact
3) Chicago Aftershock
4) Tampa Bay Damage

Professional Challengers
1) Houston Heat
2) Moscow Red Legion
3) Houston VcK
4) Trenton TopGun Union

Division 1
1) DC Devastation
2) Revo
3) New England Avalanche
4) Portland Uprising

Division 2
1) Rack City Klutch
2) Stratton Oakmont Bears
3) New England Avalanche II
4) Louisville Asylum

Division 3
1) Chicago Warped
2) Absolute Chaos
3) Project Mayhem
4) KPS Paintball

Division 4
1) PR1ME 2
2) SA Notorious
3) Damage Control
4) NJ Jesters Kids

Pump RaceTo-2
1) Asylum TrueBallers
2) Lockout
3) Pull-N-Cock

Division 3 RaceTo-2
1) Jersey Storm
2) Rhythm
3) Palm Beach Viper Kids
4) Bad Intentions

Division 4 RaceTo-2
1) Chicago Aggressive Black
2) SLK
3) Storm Riders
4) Khaotik

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