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Chicago Open – more info

Players, Sponsors, Spectators and Media,

With the upcoming Chicago Open only a few weeks away, there are some important subjects we would like to address sooner rather than later.


CPX is an incredible venue for the PSP Chicago Open.  The expansive, lush grass covered grounds enable us to host up to 200 teams.  That being said, there are only so many cars we can expect to park during game days.  We certainly do not want any players to be late to a match, nor would we want to turn any of your family or fans away at the gate due to a lack of parking.  Therefor we ask that you meet with your team to determine a carpool strategy which would benefit not only your team, but all those traveling into Joliet to enjoy the Chicago Open.

PSP staff will be the ones handling parking at this event.  They are already in the planning stages and will be completely prepared to park you in the best spot available at that time.  As stated however, it will be PSP staff members handling the parking and they will have complete authority to penalize individuals who treat staff or other attendees disrespectfully and to tow cars that have not been parked properly. Simply put – we need everyone to follow instructions in order to carry out a smooth parking process.


This is the third event of the 2014 season and undoubtedly will be the most popular event of the season thus far.  Countless teams were devastated when they tried to register for the Dallas Open or MAO event only to find that registration went from having several team slots available to being sold out with an extensive waiting list piled up.  DO NOT let this happen to your team!  DO NOT spend money on your travel until you have locked in your spot for the event by paying the entry fee.  We plan to be able to host 200 teams for this event – but the number of teams per division will vary throughout the registration process due to our scheduling system.  As more teams pay for a particular division, spots will be removed from another division.  This is why it is so critical to PAY YOUR ENTRY in full as soon as possible and to understand that the “spots available” are tentative and can be increased or reduced at any time.  We expect this event to sell out very soon.

Coaching in the Grandstands

Prior to this event, coaching in the grandstands was only allowed to people who were seated.  We will be amending the Spectator Code of Conduct to allow spectators on the very top row (and on that specific row only) to stand and coach.


Given the resources available to us at the CPX venue, we will not need to use the MAXX scheduling system for any divisions.


Chicago is without a doubt one of the greatest paintball tournaments globally each year.  We are prepared to accommodate the masses with grandstand seating as well as the covered VIP viewing deck and lounge for the Pro Field.  Tickets are now available for purchase here:


Should you have any questions regarding the above information or the event itself, please contact  Pay your team entry and begin planning your trip today at