PSP Events

WCO Tradeshow

What have Texas, Maryland and Illinois had this year that California hasn’t?  An incredible professional paintball event from the greatest league in paintball… the PSP of course!  What comes along with the incredible paintball event?  The greatest webcast in our sport?  Check.  The greatest paintball event trade show?  Double check.

This year we welcome the following vendors who will be stocking their shelves with incredible product at insane prices with the priceless opportunity of meeting face-to-face the engineers behind their products and the pro players who rely on them.

For players new to the PSP or those who may be coming as first time spectators, the PSP Trade Show is the heart of each PSP Event.  All the industry’s greatest manufacturers such as Kee Action Sports, Planet Eclipse, Dye Paintball, HK Army, G.I. Sportz and DLX/LUXE – show up in full force to support their teams, customers, local dealers and to sell directly to the public!  They host free autograph sessions throughout the weekend where fans can receive free autographed shirts and posters while they meet their favorite pro players.  Who doesn’t love free stuff??  In addition to these major sponsors are companies selling your favorite brands and even offering customized gear.  Be sure to visit Virtue, Anthrax, TradeMyGun, Raza, PB Rack, CC Paintball and Hit the Snake / Venom Vapors.

The Trade Show opens Thursday, August 7th and remains open throughout the entire event!  For more details on the PSP West Coast Open with games taking place August 8 – 10, 2014, visit