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GI Sportz Paint Deals

Join the G.I. Sportz Imperial Program to shoot the same 4 and 5-Star Imperial paintballs that have produced podium finishes, event titles and World Championships season after season!

Win Free Paint for placing well at any PSP Event.  For more information:

Call: 1-800-671-9963



Ask: Your local GI Sportz paintball dealer!



Why Join The Imperial Program?
4-Star and 5-Star Imperial paintballs, VForce Vision Systems and G.I. Sportz playing equipment will help you reach the podium… and then there’s the free paint. Teams who win or finish on a podium at sanctioned events while meeting Imperial Program criteria will enjoy free or discounted tournament paintballs and other contingency support!

Serious, dedicated tournament paintball teams competing in the PSP national paintball league and teams competing in various regional and local tournament series throughout the world, who are affiliated with a G.I. Sportz pro-shop or playing field dealer, are eligible to apply to join the 2015 G.I. Sportz Imperial Program.

Enjoy the possibility of inclusion in upcoming video features, highlight reels or product commercials and appearances in promotional materials and company social media through coverage by filmmaker Sina Azmoudeh (of “The Impact Series” fame) and photographers including Gary Baum of and Josh Silverman.

Access exclusive and convenient Imperial Program covered staging areas at major events.