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2015 PSP League Updates


PSP 2015 League Updates

Lawrenceville, Georgia – March 17, 2015.

First and foremost, the PSP would like to thank all of the players who battled through the mud with us this weekend. Mother Nature decided not to cooperate, but our hard working staff and dedicated players kept the event alive, and for that we wanted to give a big thanks to all of you.

PSP Nashville registration will open tomorrow. We are excited to bring our tournament series to a brand new venue in Tennessee, a thriving area for the sport of paintball.

The PSP would like to address some rumors, both internally and externally, surrounding our league:

1) The entire PSP Staff, will be staying together and is dedicated to bringing our customers the best events possible.

2) No individuals, teams, or event sponsors will be denied the ability to participate in the PSP, regardless of their affiliations outside our league.

3) The PSP holds fair competition as a core principle. It was brought to our attention that our current paint sponsorship structure put one of our teams at a potential disadvantage; we will be addressing this issue within the next week.

4) A new corporate structure in the PSP is being introduced, which leaves no one shareholder accountable for any future PSP decision-making. The CEO, COO, and other PSP staff will be responsible for running the business.

Expect to see a lot more transparency from the PSP as these changes are implemented, as well as a more open line of communication between customers, our brand ambassadors, and upper management.

If you would like to submit any suggestions or league feedback, please feel free to e-mail