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PSP Moves to Bring Your Own Paint Model


PSP Moves to Bring Your Own Paint

Lawrenceville, Georgia – March 20, 2015.

In the past the PSP had limited the amount of paint sponsors at our events in order to preserve the quality of the product being sold to our customers. Knowing how difficult and capital intensive it is to produce quality paint, we put policies in place that ensured the paint available was of proven quality and consistency. After listening to the concerns of the players who feel they should have more choices with paint suppliers, and based on a situation that was brought to our attention at the Dallas Open, we now feel it is necessary to allow as many paint options as possible at our events and to give players absolute freedom to pick the product they want to shoot.

Making paintballs is an art, and the manufacturers always try to bring the very best product to our events, but inevitably there is a varying level of break-ability between the brands given certain climate conditions, which are impossible to control. Since the PSP’s highest priority is to maintain the competitive balance, it makes sense to enable our players and teams to have more choices when it comes to paint. Moving forward we will not only be accepting more paint companies, but our players and teams will be able to bring their own paint as long as that paint meets the rule requirements (non staining, yellow fill).

Lane Wright, Interim CEO, says, “With a new management perspective, and after hearing of a situation in Dallas between a competitor and a paint vendor, we will make the change back to being a BYOP series.

Obviously there will be some restrictions on paint colors, sizes, etc., but essentially we are allowing teams to bring the paint of their choice to the events regardless of sponsorship.   Vendors will absolutely still be allowed to sell paint on site and a new paint sponsorship package will be put together and sent out to prospective sponsors.

I would hope that teams and players would respect the support that future paint sponsors are showing when they choose to sponsor our tournament paintball events, but, as a rule, we will allow teams to bring in paint from off site sources if that is their choice.”

If you have any questions about the PSP’s new policy, e-mail

2015 PSP BYOP Paint Requirements:

*Yellow Fill Required

*Non-Staining Fill Required

*Must meet ASTM Standards – .68 Caliber, Weight less than 3.5 grams – For more information on paint regulations CLICK THIS LINK