2014 PSP Rulebook

The 2014 Rulebook is available for downloading here! Please email or with any questions. RULE CHANGES & ADDITIONS FOR 2014 The...
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Flight Discounts

Flight Discounts! American Airlines and Delta offer discounted flights to most of our 2014 events. First and foremost, make SURE your team...
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2014 PSP bunkers

The PSP is pleased to announce Sup’AirBall remains the official inflatable paintball bunker of the league as well as the arrival of...
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2014 PSP schedule

The 2014 PSP Circuit will consist of 5 major events, offering several divisions of play including the RaceTo format and Pump Competitions,...
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Pro field coaching

Code of Conduct for the Pro field On the Pro field, the PSP wants to showcase the players’ abilities and bring more...
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