2014 PSP bunkers


The PSP is pleased to announce Sup’AirBall remains the official inflatable paintball bunker of the league as well as the arrival of a new shape on its field. For 2014, the PSP set of bunkers will see all 4 Elbows replaced by 2 Snake Beams and 2 Wings, keeping to total count at 50 bunkers.

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2014 PSP schedule


The 2014 PSP Circuit will consist of 5 major events, offering several divisions of play including the RaceTo format and Pump Competitions, as well as the incorporation of the Ultimate Woodsball League. A massive grandstand, the largest trade show and a live webcast are some of the features you will see again this season at

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Pro field coaching


Code of Conduct for the Pro field On the Pro field, the PSP wants to showcase the players’ abilities and bring more attention to their skills. We are already doing so by gathering stats and ranking players individually. To continue in this direction, the PSP wants to lower the impact of their equipment and external

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Referee Training Program


To bring the best experience to the players, the PSP wants to rejuvenate the Referee Training Program. With Paul Richards and Marcus Shepherd now on board, we will be offering several clinics starting mid of January, in the regions where our events will be held, plus additional clinics around the country. The current PSP referees

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PSP appoints new Rules & Referees Coordinators


Paintball Sports Promotions Appoints new Rules & Referees Coordinators Lawrenceville, GA – The PSP (www.pspevents.com) is pleased to announce that Paul Richards and Marcus Shepherd have joined the team as the new Rules & Referees Coordinators to reinvigorate the reffing program with the intention that it match or exceed the professionalism PSP strives for in

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Rumors about ROF and coaching


Regarding the recent rumor that the PSP will be changing the rate-of-fire (ROF) to 10 bps for all divisions of play.  That rumor is incorrect. The league is changing the ROF for the Pro Division and the new ROF for the Pros only will be 10.2 bps. The existing ROF of 12.5 bps will remain in effect

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2013 PSP World Series Champions


All season long, teams have been competing in the PSP as well as in PSP Affiliate Leagues in hopes of winning the all-over PSP World Series Championship.  It takes consistency and unwavering determination to stay on top and earn this prestigious title. Congratulations to San Diego Dynasty on an incredible year winning back-to-back event Championships

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Fantasy Paintball is Now Live!


Join PBA and the PSP as we roll out the beta version of Fantasy Paintball just in time for the PSP World Cup next week October 18th - 20th.  Watch your fantasy players compete and track their progress every game during the PBA Webcast on www.paintballaccess.com. Use your salary cap wisely to create your team, and compete against

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