Frequently Asked Questions

PSP & Paintball FAQ

We know this whole process can get confusing.  Take a look through these frequently asked questions, double check with the How to Play Page, and if you’re still stuck, head over to our contact page so we can answer any questions that you have.

What is APPA

APPA is the #1 paintball classification system in the world. It’s used to register and rank thousands of paintball players around the world. Signing up and using APPA can definitely get confusing, so follow the links below and if you have any questions at all, give us a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX

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What is My Paintball Rank?

If you’ve played a PSP, PSP Affiliate, or any paintball tournament where you registered with an APPA Number (see above for info on APPA), then you have a paintball rank. To find out your rank, hit the button below, enter your APPA login info, and click the “Classification” tab.

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How Do I Watch the Webcast?

Just head to or hit the button below!

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Why Isn't The Webcast Free?

We get this question a lot, and it’s completely fair.

The simple answer: If we didn’t charge for the webcast, there would be no webcast. It’s as simple as that. Your payment to watch the webcast is more of a donation, a contribution, a lifeline. Your donation goes a lot further than you think, and everyone at the PSP and Paintball Access appreciates it a LOT.

Let’s keep the webcast alive, keep the comments positive, and #GROWPAINTBALL

When Will The Schedule Be Up?

Since we use a third party to handle our gigantic scheduling needs for every PSP event, the day & time of a game schedule changes… often. Be assured that the PSP releases their schedules as soon as they get them. If you’re waiting… we are too!

Be sure to check the Event Page for whichever event you’re at. All schedules will be posted there first.

How can my team redeem a prize won at a PSP event?

If your team finished on the podium at any of our events, you most likely won either a PSP full entry or a PSP half entry prize.
To redeem this prize, it is a simple 3 step process:

  1. Register your team on the APPA website for an upcoming PSP event
  2. Contact us at and let us know your team name / division.
  3. If you won a PSP half entry prize, pay the remaining half of the entry fee. Once done, your team will show as “paid” on the APPA, confirming your registration.
    If you won a PSP full entry prize, you don’t even have to worry about this step. Within the next day or so, you will see your team marked as “paid” on the APPA website.

Restrictions may apply.Refer to the Prize page of our website for more information or hit the button below.

Prize page

How can I get a Media pass?

A Media pass is for, well, Media. A Media company is defined as a prominent company producing original content, on a regular basis, printed or published online.
If you work for a Media company, as defined above, have the Editor contact us at to fill out an application.

As an individual, you may apply for a Photographer or Videographer “For hire” pass.
Visit the “I Take Photos” or “I shoot Videos” pages for more information.

How can I go on the field to take a picture of my child?

PSP does not offer a “Team photographer” pass anymore. Only accredited personnel may go on the field.

You may still take pictures anywhere within the trade show, even inside the pits (as long as you have a PSP ID card to access that area).

If you want pictures taken on the field, you will have to contact one of the official photographers for hire, or you can also browse the thousands of pictures provided for free* by some of the photographers attending the event.

When do you release the field layout?

For the 2015 season, we will do things a little bit different:

  • If you play in the Pro Division, you simply won’t have the field layout in advance. The bunkers will be setup on Thursday morning (the day before the event) and Pro teams will get access to the field that day at 11:00am.
  • If you are a Divisional team, your field layout will be the Pro field layout from the previous event.

This only applies to the Divisional teams:
The Dallas Open field layout will be released 3 weeks prior to the event (on Wednesday February 18th)
The Nashville Open field layout will be the Dallas Open Pro field layout.
The Mid Atlantic Open field layout will be the Nashville Open Pro field layout.
The Chicago Open field layout will be the Mid Atlantic Open Pro field layout.
The World Cup field layout will be the Chicago Open Pro field layout.

Look for the most current field layout on our event pages.

Where do I buy a grandstand ticket?

We have good news for you if you play PSP this season:
Your 2015 PSP ID card grants you access to the grandstand, for FREE! yes, for FREE.
Come and go as you please, just show your PSP ID card and the entrance of the grandstand and enjoy the Pro games.

If you do not have a PSP ID card, either sign up for one or stop by the Information booth located near the grandstand entrance to purchase your ticket.

You may also pre-order your ticket online, here on the PSP website.
Grandstand & VIP Tickets