How to Play



Acquire an APPA Number (first time users)

Go to the APPA website and click the “Sign up” link (Next to the Players icon) or click this link:
Fill the form and click the submit button at the bottom of the page
Congrats, you are now registered in the APPA database

Keep your account up to date:
It is important, not just for PSP but also for you, to keep your account up to date.
Click the “Edit” tab of your Profile to fill the “Contact information” section.
PSP, from time to time, will email you important information regarding our events, like a fast approaching deadline, or maybe about information missing on your account that could prevent you from playing… Please make sure your email address is accurate.
**Don’t forget to click the “Picture” tab and upload your photo.**

Returning players / lost login information

If you cannot remember your login and/or password to access your APPA account, use the ‘Forget Login or Password’ link below the login box on the left or click on this link:
If you can’t recover your account through that page, e-mail

Register your team on the APPA

Go to the APPA website.
Click the “Your Teams” button on the top of the page (under the APPA logo)
Login to your APPA account
Click the “Register a New Team” link and fill the form
Congrats, your team now exists within the APPA database.
You may now update the Team profile by adding, for example, your team logo.

Add players to your team

Login to your APPA account.
Click the “Your Teams” button on the top of the page (under the APPA logo)
Click on the “Team Membership” link
Ask your teamates to provide you with their APPA ID # (Full ID, including dash, like 12345-6789).
Add a teamate APPA ID #
Select the Role of your teamate (“Player” or “Staff”)
Select his/her admin role* (in doubt, select “none”)
Validate the information by clicking the “Add Team Member” button
Congrats, you now have a teamate registered
Repeat this process to add all the players and staff to your team.

*Regarding the admin role: This is only used if you want to set someone else as a manager or owner of a team.
Owners can do pretty much anything with a team – register for events, add / remove players from rosters and from the team, add other owners / managers, etc.
Managers can do everything owners can except: add other owners, demote other managers.

Register your team for a PSP event

To play at a PSP event, you will need to register your team for the event, pay your registration fee and make sure you have all your teamate on your team’s roster.
First thing first, go to the APPA website and signup for a PSP event here:
Select the PSP event you want to play at
Scroll down the page and click on the “Register Your Team” link
Under “Register”, click the link “Register XYZ“ (XYZ being your team name)
To continue your registration process, click the “I agree to these terms”

Pay registration, the earlier the better

Keep in mind that you are not guaranteed to play until you pay your team registration in full.
PSP events sell out fast, so the earlier the better.

Book your flight with the PSP discount code

Locate the flight discounts from and book your flights.

Book your hotel with the PSP discount code

Locate the hotel discounts from and book your rooms.

Choose your paint vendor

PSP has this season multiple paint vendors for you to choose from.
Visit the Paintball Deals page and make sure to contact them before going to the event.


Pre-pay for your ID Card

Go tho the APPA website. Once logged in, go to “Your Profile”
Click the “Player Reg Fees” tab.
Select “PSP events”
Make sure to read all the information from that page before paying your Player Registration Fees.
You may pay with PayPal or by Credit Card

Flying with Paintball equipment

You should read the TSA Regulation regarding Paintball equipment:

You also should contact your airline to make sure they don’t have their own rules regarding paintball equipment.

Save time, get your Express Pass

Anyone who has paid their player reg fee and has their card printed by APPA is eligible. It lets you be in the Express line to pick up their ID.
We automatically e-mail eligible players, so make sure to have your e-mail updated at the beginning of the season.
*ALL* players – including minors – need government issued photo ID to pick up their PSP ID card. A list of acceptable ID is on the ID purchase page. As a reminder:
Players 17 years of age and older MUST have one of the following:
State-issued Driver’s License or ID Card
US or Foreign Passport
Photo US Military ID with Birth Date
No other forms of identification are acceptable.

Players under 17 may also use one of the following:
Photo School ID Card with Birth Date
Photo School ID Card with Birth Certificate or Driving Permit
Photo in Player’s Most Recent School Yearbook with Birth Certificate or Driving Permit
No other identification will be accepted under any circumstances. If a person can not present acceptable identification, they will not be able to pick up their ID card, and will not be able to participate in the event.




Immediately go to the Registration booth to retrieve your ID Card and sign in your team.


Introduce yourself to your paint vendor, make sure your deal is all good, grab a case of paint to test your bore sizes.


Confirm which field you will be playing on in prelims (the name of the field is on top of your schedule).
The fields are open to the public at noon, the day before Game day.

Trade show

PSP has the largest trade show. Stop by our vendors to check the latest gears, and get in on some of the best deals.


Make sure everyone brings their PSP ID card to the venue

You can always reprint your ID card at the Registration booth, but avoid wasting time and money by making you have your ID with you.

Access to the pits

Teams are allowed access to the pits their team is playing in 90 minutes before any scheduled match, and 30 minutes after a match is completed. NO EXCEPTIONS
Players will not be allowed back in the pits after the 30 minutes have elapsed, so you should remove all gear from the pits when you leave.

Test your equipment

Test your equipment, make sure everything work and you have, for example, no leaks.
Most manufacturers have Techs at the PSP events to fix your marker if you have an issue. They are either within the trade show or at the entrance of the fields (where your ID is checked).
If you realize you forgot your barrel swab, pods… if your pack is in bad shape… visit our vendors in the trade show. There is always great deals there.

Which side of the field

Verify with the field scorekeeper which pit your team will be staging on.
Our staff is here to help you. In doubt, ask them.

Get ready

Do not enter the pit until your team is on deck.
Once called, grab your gears, your paint and bring them to the pit. For the time of a game, it’s your space. Get settled. A well organized pit will save your time and stress during the game.

After your match, clear everything out of the pit and repeat for your second match.


Check your score LIVE on the PSP scores website:


Did you make it to Sunday?

Check Sunday’s game schedule on the APPA website to see if you made it.
If you did, congrats but you are not out of the woods yet.
Repeat game day steps and stay focused… The Finals are right around the corner.


You made it to the Finals? Awesome, that means you will play on the Champions field and you will be on the webcast.
The Champions field has specific regulations, like no coaching (no matter what Division you play on).
Make sure to tell your sideline coach(es).
In doubt, talk to your staff, talk to the refs. They are all here to help.

Podium & Prizes

If you are in the Top 3 of your Division, stop by the Information booth (next to the Grandstand entrance). We have medals, a Trophy (or a Plaque) and more for you.