Media for Hire 2015

Spantastik: Video & Photo for Hire 2015

We are happy to announce that Spantastik™ will be returning for their 3rd season as a premiere media provider to the PSP! Spantastik™ specializes in providing full match raw video coverage as well as photography and custom team exclusive highlight videos with next level professional media coverage for all walks of life in the sport ranging from Pump, R22, or Xball.

For examples of his work check out  or

Spantastik™’s services provide a wide variety of use, from watching the footage as game film to improve yourself as a player to simply re-living the memories of dominating on the field.  Our media services give you the ultimate way to relive those timeless paintball memories again and again.

There are a limited number of spots available so book now before its too late! Email or call/text 361-774-7113 with any and all questions, concerns, details, or too get your team locked in for PSP Dallas 2015!!!




Unlucky Photos: For Hire PSP Dallas 2015

Contact Chris Card from Unlucky photos for complete divisional team coverage!

Any division Race to 4: $180 for the weekend, 100+ photos, delivered in 10 days or less
Any division Race to 2: $120 for the weekend, 60+ photos, delivered in 10 days or less.

Contact Chris to get signed up!

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