PSP Affiliates

PSP has launched an Affiliate League program where regional leagues running the RaceTo format are assisted with promotions, prizes, reffing and a universal classification system which enables the PSP to run worldwide team and player rankings. This program is growing paintball at a grass-roots level, and continues to feed teams into the PSP, ensuring a long and healthy existence.

2013 PSP network:
11,400+ unique participants
2150+ teams
140 events

• Universal ID Card across all leagues
• Common classification system
• Expanding into new markets
• Increasing level of play opportunities
• Organizing and Standardizing Format, Rankings, Rules and Classifications

Global Rankings
Team Rankings and Player Rankings
• 11,400+ unique competitors from 2013 PSP and Affiliates
• Weighted point system ranking of all teams participating in the affiliation
• Compare competitors from across the World
• Creates relevance for regional leagues
• Pushes teams toward regional play
• Ultimately drives teams to World Cup
• Individual power rankings increase competitors attention
• Motivates personal competition
• Rankings bridge traditional Paintball and professional Paintball

APPA Classification System
• Key element in unifying competitive Paintball
• Most comprehensive tournament participation records in the sport
• 96 leagues totaling 18,656 current unique competitive players
• 63,152 competitive players listed since APPA’ s inception
• True universal player tracking system
• Trusted, automated system

• Increase global recognition and acceptance
• Adds legitimacy to the Sport
• Excite fans, promote their involvement
• Fuel the competitive drive of Paintball players
• Increase industry marketing opportunities

To be part of our Network, contact Tom Cole at