AES RaceTo Series


We are proud to be a PSP Affiliate Series.

The AES RaceTo Series is going to offer RaceTo-2 and RaceTo-3 events. We will offer a North and South Conference to help keep the travel costs low.
The AES RaceTo Series is going to being a new feel to events in the Southwest. We will be working hard to put on great events that are safe, fun, fair, well structured and family friendly.

The AES RaceTo Series will offer a team staging area for the teams. We will provide a 10×10 tent. This will be the staging area and all teams will have their own tent. We will also have full pits with air in the pits and table for teams to use. We will have a PSP RaceTo score board and will be using the APPA for rosters and event scoring.

We will be capping the events:
Max number of teams we will be taking at each event (Not including The Shootout) will be:
RaceTo-2 20 teams Max
RaceTo-3 7 teams Max

Only a teams top 3 Conference scores will count towards the North and South Conference Champions.

Need More Info? Check out the PB Nation Forum:
AES Race To Series Forum