Central Florida Paintball Series 2014 (PSP Regional Affiliate League)



D6 3-man (traditional) – Play has been changed to Sunday
D3 Raceto4*  – Play has been changed to Saturday
D4 Raceto4*
D5 Raceto2**
(traditional)- Round robin format, six prelim games and then round robin brackets for the final rounds.

*- Raceto4 Format is regular PSP match play. We are changing to Raceto4 in order that CFPS teams get ranking points for the format more closely associated to what we play. Raceto2 world ranking points were assigned to our Raceto3 teams last year when Raceto3 is much closer to Raceto4 in format. In order to minimize expenses for teams we will run 3 prelim games whenever possible.  When there are over 8 teams in a division we will only take an even number of teams, the last team to pay will be cut if we don’t end up with an even number.

**- Raceto2 matches will be done millennium style. Example:  teams from Match A will play a point and when finished the teams from Match B will directly (30 seconds) start their point. Rather than a set time between points with nothing happening on the field the teams from the two different matches will rotate points. When those matches are finished the next four teams will start. There will be a minimum of 2 minutes before teams have to go back on the field.  So if a team gets beat in match B in 30 seconds teams from Match A will still get at least a two minute break.


You will be required to be a 2014 member of the PSP in order to participate in a CFPS event, we will not be issuing ID cards again this year. You can purchase your membership on-line through the APPA. If you purchase your PSP membership for CFPS, the cost is $30. If you play a PSP event, you will have to have a full PSP membership which will cost $60. You can upgrade your 2014 CFPS / PSP membership ($30) to a full PSP membership ($60) on-line or at a PSP event for an additional $30. CFPS will not receive payment for, or issue any 2014 PSP memberships or ID cards. You must do this on-line at the APPA website. Anyone paying for their membership at a CFPS tournament will pay the $30.00 plus a $20.00 late fee.