2014 season

Everybody is probably curious about next season, we have many teams asking us about the prices and venues etc. so we felt the need to make an announcement about this.
With the CPS we created a new tournament brand with really unique atmosphere. We tried out many new things this season such as having a webcast, big parties and girls, we even had traditional Italian pizza on the Paris Party event. We will try to keep inventing on our brand and present new things to the CPS, the goal for us is to never be boring! High quality paintball as well as having fun! Positive energy is the engine that drives all people involved in The Champions Series. Our main goal is to create a tournament circuit which sets the standard and take focus in the paintball community, all the people, players and teams.

Next year we will have 3  CPS events with 80 teams limit in each, as well as one BIG show event. We are still working on the exact venues but it will definately be France, Italy and  Belgium. All our events will be combined with other activities, meaning it will involve more people also from outside the paintball community.

The majority of our events will be broadcasted by a live webcast and all teams will receive extra promotion. Also as we do believe PSP is the leader worldwide when it comes to format and creating fun-to-watch paintball, we will keep working closely with them. We do believe the format should be unified and the same all over the world, which is why we will work with PSP on bringing their format to Europe.

Super league:

max. 10 teams – PSP format with penalty boxes

Semi pro :

max 10 teams

League One:

PSP format Race to 4

League Two:

PSP format Race to 3

All teams that want to become part of our fast growing family please email us: Info@championspaintballseries.com

Besides that please follow us on our Facebook page and our website, to keep up with the latest news.