PSP Media Regulations


PSP Media Regulations

Videographer / Photographer for Hire Stipulations:
This category is the only category of photographers/videographers allowed to sell their work to the general public.


The PSP will have up to 5 companies in this category. Each company can be awarded up to 3 passes, which come at a per-event or per-season fee. Please contact the PSP for more information.
Companies must register their personnel before the deadline listed on the APPA website.
No pass will be granted at the event, nor to any individuals at any time.
All media personnel need to complete the online application for a Photographer ID Credential (button below)

Media Registration

The PSP will promote said companies on its website:
A prominent link, “Official Photographers”, will be on the Main Menu.
A dedicated page will showcase all the approved companies.
Each company will have its own dedicated page with up to 6 photographs promoting its work along with descriptive text, contact information and a direct link to its website.
Each company will also be promoted on other media such as our Facebook page (120,000+ fans)

“For hire” pass:
A “for hire” pass grants access to all the playing fields with the exception of the Pro fields during Pro Division games.
The PSP reserves the right to refuse any application.

Photographer ID Credentials
Each photographer is required to have a Photographer ID issued each season. The Photographer ID Credential is free of charge. Lost credentials may be reprinted for $10.
All photographers must complete the online application, including ID photo submission before the deadline listed on the APPA website. There is a $50 late fee for any applications received after this date.

By applying for a Photographer ID Credential, you automatically grant PSP Events LLC a limited license to use your photographs taken at the PSP events for PSP’s self-promotional use, and may be published on PSP’s websites, blogs, social networking sites and other printed materials.

All photographers and videographers are subject to the following Regulation:
Violation of Photographer Regulations will result in the immediate forfeiture of the photographer pass without refund and may result in a permanent ban from PSP events.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO USE OF REMOTE CAMERAS without advance written approval from Sports Media Productions. Remote cameras include any camera not under the immediate physical control of the photographer, including cameras left on the field of play or cameras mounted on any remote-controlled vehicle of any sort (robot, car, aircraft, etc).
  • A photographer pass grants the bearer access to the player paddocks area and the out-of-bounds sideline area of the fields only. The in-bounds area of all playing fields, including penalty boxes, is off-limits at all times. “All Times” includes timeouts, before matches, after matches, and any other time. Access to other non-public areas, including the score tower, broadcast tower, or other restricted areas is not permitted.
  • Your Photo ID Badge and Event Photo Pass must be visible at all times.
  • Your Photo ID Badge and Event Photo Pass are assigned to one person and are non-transferable. If either is lost, notify registration immediately. Badges and Passes found in the possession of others will be confiscated and not returned.
  • Absolutely no communication is permitted between photographers and players while on the field of play for any reason.
  • Photographers shall not involve themselves in a match in any way, including providing any opinion or showing any photo or video to any participant or official.
  • Except as mentioned in the above rule, photographers must follow instructions of PSP and Paintball Access staff at all times.
  • Photographers must be aware that their actions can reveal the position of players, and avoid movement or other actions that would reveal the location of a player to their opponents.
  • Use of scaffolding, platforms, tables, chairs, and other equipment not provided by the photographer is prohibited. Don’t sit on it, lean on it, or put your gear on or under it.
  • Do not travel in front of any Paintball Access camera at any time for any reason.
  • Never cross in front of another photographer’s lens.
  • Use of headsets and earphones while on the field of play is prohibited.

Pro Field Media Stipulations – Let’s Keep it Professional

(This applies to all PSP Official Media, For Hire Media following teams who made it to Sunday, and media hired by a company or manufacturer)

Rather than burden you with a specific vest or uniform, we are implementing a few rules to keep the up most professionalism with the PSP and its image from the outside spectators:

-Long Pants and Long shirt or Jersey are required
-Back of jersey or shirt can have your company Name, or Media (NO NICKNAMES)
-Masks must be unmodified visually and cosmetically
-Towels (White, Black, Brown), no multicolored bright beach towels
-Media is not allowed to stand behind start boxes during regulation game time
-Media is allowed to film pre game and post game huddles.
-No MEDIA (except PSP personell) are allowed to be on the field during regulation game time to capture huddles, or action
-Go Pros are allowed as long they are not noticeably visible.
-Camera poles over 3 feet are not allowed
-Tripods that are not in use must be off the field and sidelines
-Camera cases or bags must stay with person

Camera Protection:
-Boxes must be clean looking, no dangling cardboard and no bright colors
-No bright colored camera covers
-Towels must be single color, no bright colors or loud designs